DMAX's Electronic Manufacturing Service Q&A for Buyers
  1. Q: Do you have a price list?

A: We are an OEM factory and manufacturing products according with your design and requirements. Hence, we don't have a price list.

If you have any OEM products / project, we may become one of your best partner.

Please feel free to discuss your project with us.

  1. Q: What's your MOQ for PCBs, PCBAs, cable assembly and sheet metals?

A: Our minimum order quantity is 500 pcs and up more.

  1. Q: Can you do turnkey services?

A: Before we work on turnkey with you, we need to know that:

  1. Is it new or existed project?
  2. What is your project demand for a year?
  3. What’s your product’s application for?

 To start with turnkey service:

  1. For the initial production, we prefer you to procure components and send to us, and we can procure PCBs for you.
  2. If you wanted us to buy components for you from Digikey , we will buy the minimum quantity and provide with the storage list for you to buy.
    You need to pay before we place an order and we will add up 10% of handling charge fee on Digikey's price and it includes production lost, account keeping fee and so on.
  3. Our turnkey requirement is 3000/pcs for a year. Also we will provide storage list to you every quarter and you need to buy the storage if there is any leftover.

      4. Q: What's your L/T for PCBAs?

A: Normally, SMT and DIP will take about 2-3 weeks to manufacture, but it will be varied according with the circumstances of your testing requirements.
     And if you provide with SOP, it can shorten production time and speed up the L/T.

  1. Q: What's your L/T for bare PCBs?

A: Bare PCB would normally be manufactured in 4 weeks. We also provide quick-turn services according with your needs.

  1. Q: Do you have product guarantee?

A: We don't have guarantee and RMA for your OEM products. But our quality assurance will do testing before shipment.
We guarantee for components within one year. If you have any defective components,you can send back defective products, we can do replacement for you.

  1. Q: How much is tooling for PCB/PCBA and what does it consist of?

A: The tooling consists of stencil and carrier. The stencil is USD190 for one side, the carrier is USD120 (e.g. 500pcs comes out with 20 sets of carrier).

  1. Q: How long is quotation valid?

A: The quotation is valid for 30 days.

  1. Q: What do I need to supply to obtain a quote for PCB assembly?

A: You are required to provide these necessary information to obtain a quote. We will sign up NDA before you provide Gerber file and BOM.

  • GERBER File (PCB Layout/Artwork).
  • Bill of material (BOM list).
  • Production manual (SOP for the test, assembly, and packing).
  • Golden sample.
  • Schematics.
  1. Q: What do I need to supply to obtain a quote for a bare PCB?

A: You need to provide with Gerber file to obtain a quote.

If you still have anything unclear or further queries, please feel free to drop us a message through contact us or email to sales@doublemax.com.tw. We will reply to you within 24 hours. smiley