High Quality PCBs

High Quality PCBs & Quick Turn Supply

​With DMAX you have access to a reliable and cost effective global sourcing and materials management services which will give you a consistent supply of PCBs.

If you have a specific requirement that you wish us to have look at. You can provide your BOM & gerber file and contact us today. 

DMAX is supplying: 

  • Multilayer PCBs
  • High Frequency PCBs
  • High Density Interconnect (HDI) Multilayer PCBs
  • FPC Multilayer/2 Layer FCCL
  • Rigid-Flex Board
Our PCB Superiority
  1. Materials: HB, 94V-0, FR4, FR5, Teflon, Metal Core PCB (Aluminum).
  2. FR4 Brand: NANYA NP Series, ITEQ IT Series, EM Series, ISOLA Series.
  3. Layer Count: 1-36 layers ; DIM Max.: 24”*30”.
  4. Surface Finish: Lead Free HAL, Immersion Gold/ Silver, Gold Fingers.
  5. Machine Drill min. 6mil ; Laser Drill min. 3mil ; Fine Trace/Space min.3/3 mil.

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