Engineering Services

Engineering Services of OEM / ODM

DMAX PCBA contract manufacturing services:  

  • Components procurement
  • PCB Fabrication 
  • PCB assembly (SMT+DIP+Testing + Packing)
  • Full box build

DMAserves as a one-stop shop for your OEM / ODM needs. Our turnkey-solutions enable you to avoid the headaches of outsourcing your components from different venders until final logistics management.

  • Turnkey services for low-volume PCB & PCBA, starts at 500/pcs ,and continues up for high volume.

Why not contact us to discuss your requirements or download our catalogue for more information. 

OEM PCB manufacturers solution services


OEM/ODM Specialist Exporting Worldwide

Buyers from the US, Europe, and South-East Asia rely on our OEM/ODM services. They not only value our commitment of quality assurance but also our superior engineering services. We listen to and hear your needs according to your product design. Our goal is not just producing a product because we aim to maximize the value of your product by Decreasing Cost, Increasing Quality, Reducing Time to Market, and Creating Flexibility.


OEM PCB manufacturers engineering services


Why not contact us to discuss your requirements or download our catalogue for more information.